The Vryll Society post new track Shadow Of A Wave

The Vryll Society

The Vryll Society @ The Live4ever Media Lounge sponsored by Pirate Studios

The Vryll Society have posted a new track as they continue to plot a path to their debut album.

Shadow Of A Wave will be released on August 4th and is another intriguing taste of the maiden record which the band discussed with Live4ever earlier this year at SXSW. “We put an EP last year,” they told us. “And then we’ve done a few single since then, and this summer, hopefully, we’ll be starting the album. That’s what we’re focusing on mainly now because we haven’t released an album before. We just want to get one done.”

“We’re still writing stuff, it’s stuff competing every day. A new song will come out and we’ll go, ‘oh that’s got to on, kick that one off’. But we’ve got a list, we’ve got a big list that we’ll have to narrow down.”

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