Trampolene share videos for Beautiful Pain and Saving My Life In A&E on new EP’s release

Trampolene 2

Jack Jones performing with Trampolene in London. Sep 2016. (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever)

Trampolene have marked the release of their new EP Beautiful Pain by uploading videos for its title-track and Saving My Life In A&E, both directed by Roger Sargent.

“It’s not gender specific, the idea was to show a relationship breaking down, as one person is being disrespectful of the other forcing them to do something they don’t want to do, as they feel scared and that their emotions are being controlled,” Sargent says of Beautiful Pain.

“The abuse is both physical and psychological, what is and isn’t normal behaviour and who is responsible? Who is the victim and who is the abuser? We all want to be loved, safe and free to be ourselves and abuse is not acceptable and never is, but I have witnessed this in some form in almost every relationship I have ever been in.”

“I also liked the idea that Jack is a typical rockstar, in his own world and oblivious to the things going on around him.”

Frontman Jack Jones has been touring as part of Pete Doherty’s solo band, and is back on the road with Trampolene for festival commitments which include Reading/Leeds next month.

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