Protomartyr sign to Domino for new album Relatives In Descent

Protomartyr Daniel Topete

Daniel Topete

Protomartyr have signed to Domino Records for the release of their new album Relatives In Descent.

The band undertook Los Angeles studio sessions with co-producer Sonny DiPerri after a long period of rehearsals, and will release the album on September 29th. A video for opening track A Private Understanding is below. “I used to think that truth was something that existed, that there were certain shared truths, like beauty,” says singer Joe Casey.

“Now that’s being eroded. People have never been more skeptical, and there’s no shared reality. Maybe there never was.”

A European tour will bring Protomartyr to the UK and Ireland for shows in Brighton, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin and Leeds this November.

Relatives In Descent tracklist:

A Private Understanding
Here Is The Thing
My Children
The Chuckler
Windsor Hum
Don’t Go To Anacita
Up The Tower
Night-Blooming Cereus
Male Plague
Corpses In Regalia
Half Sister

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