New York’s Webster Hall to change ‘as we know it’ after closure next month


Palma Violets playing New York’s Webster Hall (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever Media)

New York’s Webster Hall will be unrecognisable ‘as we know it’ once it shuts for renovation next month – that’s according to Gerard McNamee, the general manager of the venue’s Gotham club night.

After it closes on August 10th, the rebuild will turn Webster Hall into an AEG and Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment venue, something McNamee has said on Facebook will change its raison d’etre beyond all recognition. “Sad but true, the legendary and world-famous Webster Hall has been sold and will close as we know it,” he’s said.

“It will be closed for an undisclosed period of time for demo, reno, and transition to corporate ownership under Barclays/AEG/Bowery Presents. I highly recommend that you all stop by before the end of this era to pay your respects to the Ballingers and the building for providing us with a lifetimes worth of memories.”

“There are only 12 club nights left. Please come celebrate our rich 25 year history of being the biggest, baddest and longest running nightclub in the history of New York City.”

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