Watch Warbly Jets deliver an inspirational message at 2017 Live4ever Lounge

Warbly Jets

Warbly Jets at The Live4ever Media Lounge sponsored by Pirate Studios

Warbly Jets made a pitch to help their listeners triumph over adversity when they sat down with Live4ever at the 2017 South By Southwest Festival.

“There’s kind of an underlying tone of struggle, and overcoming struggle, and learning how to see the brighter side of life when there’s a lot of darkness going on,” they told us of their material. “And (we) hope that people hear it as an inspirational message that helps you overcome obstacles, versus just dwelling on the mundane darkness that’s around us every day.”

“Whether it’s just personal standpoints of overcoming fear or depression, anxiety. All that it’s about is ‘just feel something’. There’s definitely a very personal aspect of struggle because there’s a decent amount of that for us writing and creating a lot of this material.”

Check out some of the highlights of our sit-down interview directly below, and all of our SXSW coverage over on YouTube

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