Grizzly Bear back with new song Three Rings

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear have shared the first track from their follow-up to Shields – Live4ever’s number one album of 2012.

Three Rings finds the band in a similarly sophisticated mood, and arrives after they had declared the record as ‘90% done’ back in October. Work has clearly progressed well since, and we’ll be hoping for more of the gifts found on Shields which carried it to the top of our pile four and a bit years ago.

“Adopting a much heavier sound, it is also a much more aggressive album,” our review states. “Where ‘Veckatimest’ opened to the gentle rolling, slowly climactic, acoustic blues of ‘Southern Point’, here ‘Sleeping Ute’ tears and shreds its path with a thunderous boom – an unpredictable, unstable, reverberating electric storm.”

“Its unexpected shift to a calm and reflective nylon-strung coda serves as a flawless segue for the gentle opening lull of heartbeat drums and sweeping synth in ‘Speak In Rounds’.

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