C Duncan escapes on Other Side video


C Duncan‘s new video for Other Side is the latest promotional tool behind this year’s Midnight Sun album.

“Perhaps the most poppy track on the album, this song is lyrically reminiscent of the first album,” Duncan says. “It is about leaving troubles and woes behind and escaping to somewhere far away. By this point I had toured many different countries and wanted to experience life outside of Glasgow.”

Director Helen Plumb adds: “Other Side is about taking yourself elsewhere to escape your troubles. I wanted the video to reflect that in a metaphorical rather than physical sense. Rondi Park, a Brighton based artist, often uses costume to embody an idea.”

“I wanted her character in the video to experience escapism from the mundane reality she is familiar with by transforming herself into weird and wonderful entities.”

C Duncan has headline UK tour dates in Janaury and February 2017. By March, he’ll still be on the road supporting Elbow.

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