Grizzly Bear’s new album ’90 per cent done’


Grizzly Bear‘s next record is ’90 per cent done’, according to the band on Twitter.

This’ll be the last update until there’s some music to share from the Brooklyn band as they put the finishes touches to the successor to 2012’s sublime Shields.

It was Live4ever’s number one album of that year, described by us as one which ‘reveals itself slowly and rewards the listener greatly if you allow it to speak of its own accord‘:

“Adopting a much heavier sound, it is also a much more aggressive album. Where ‘Veckatimest’ opened to the gentle rolling, slowly climactic, acoustic blues of ‘Southern Point’, here ‘Sleeping Ute’ tears and shreds its path with a thunderous boom – an unpredictable, unstable, reverberating electric storm.”

“Its unexpected shift to a calm and reflective nylon-strung coda serves as a flawless segue for the gentle opening lull of heartbeat drums and sweeping synth in ‘Speak In Rounds’.”

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