Protomartyr release new song ‘Born To Be Wine’


Protomartyr have released ‘Born To Be Wine‘ as the first glimpse of their post-‘Agent Intellect‘ direction.

The track was written and recorded within two days at Chris Koltay’s Hi Bias Studio in Detroit – frontman Joe Casey takes up the story. “The title comes from mishearing a Frenchman talking about his favorite rock and roll songs,” he says.

“While the lyrical sentiment takes in louche, elder rockers confined to man caves and a list of fearsome things that were ruminated on during a particularly dire phone interview.”

‘The Agent Intellect’ was described as ‘an exercise in cauterised rawness and understated power’ in our review, which continues:

“Of course, there’s vague antecedence in the cultural ghosts of their home town, but its granite toughness and urban decay are far from the whole story in terms of inspirations; Casey equally admits that without the band he’d probably be stagnating for loose change in a bar circuit covers outfit.”

Protomartyr tour the UK with Eagulls and Traams in October, playing shows in Hull, York, Brighton, Bristol and Nottingham.

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