Okkervil River share ‘The Industry’ single from new album

Okkervil River

The Industry‘ is the latest track to preview Okkervil River‘s new album ‘Away‘.

Its video, directed by Christopher Good, can be seen below ahead of the LP’s release on September 9th. “I didn’t plan to make it and initially wasn’t sure if it was going to be an Okkervil River album or if I’d ever put it out,” Will Sheff has said.

“I wrote the songs during a confusing time of transition in my personal and professional life and recorded them quickly with a brand new group of musicians.”

“I got together the best New York players I could think of, people whose playing and personalities I was fans of and who came more out of a jazz or avant garde background, and we cut the songs live in one or two takes – trying to keep things as natural and immediate as possible – over three days in a studio on Long Island that hosts the Neve 8068 console which recorded Steely Dan’s Aja and John Lennon’s Double Fantasy.”

UK dates are coming up in November in London, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow.

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