Official Charts Company reveals Radiohead’s biggest selling UK singles


The Official Charts Company has revealed Radiohead‘s ten biggest selling singles in the UK.

Leading the way is the band’s breakthrough track ‘Creep‘ – comfortably their best selling single with 390,000 copies sold compared to the 195,500 copies shifted by ‘Paranoid Android‘ in second place.

As with most rock bands of their time, the Top 10 is dominated commercially by the nineties with only 2001’s ‘Pyramid Song‘ and 2003’s ‘There There‘ representing this century.

The OCC has shared album figures too, confirming ‘OK Computer‘ as being out front with 1.53 million copies sold immediately followed by 1995’s ‘The Bends‘. Debut album ‘Pablo Honey‘ is third, while 2000’s ‘Kid A‘ and 2003’s ‘Hail To The Thief‘ complete that Top 5.

Radiohead were at number one again in the UK last month with their latest LP ‘A Moon Shaped Pool‘.

Top 10 best selling Radiohead singles (UK):

1/ ‘Creep’
2/ ‘Paranoid Android’
3/ ‘No Surprises’
4/ ‘Karma Police’
5/ ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’
6/ ‘High & Dry’
7/ ‘Fake Plastic Trees’
8/ ‘Pyramid Song’
9/ ‘Just’
10/ ‘There There’

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