Jamie T’s new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is out now

Jamie T

Jamie T‘s new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is out now after being premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night.

Another result of the collaboration between Jamie and co-producer James Dring, the track’s release continues to make up for lost time after the five years between ‘Kings & Queens‘ and 2014’s ‘Carry On The Grudge‘, while last year also had a new release courtesy of the ‘Magnolia Melancholia’ – led by the ‘Carry On The Grudge’ album track ‘Don’t You Find’ but with three previously unheard songs also included; ‘Marilyn Monroe’, ‘Riverbed’ and the title-track, as well as covers of Bran Van 3000’s ‘Mama Don’t Smoke’ and The Replacements’ ‘Bastards Of Young’.

Upon his return in 2014, Jamie T cast a withering eye over the current music industry, declaring most of it ‘dire’.

“As for being relevant in the modern age, well you grow up as an artist so your music is always going to change and you hope it’s relevant, but I don’t want to worry too much about that because most of the shit around today is dire,” he told Faster Louder.


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