Jake Bugg shares new track in week of ‘On My One’s release

Tom Oxley

Tom Oxley

There’s more of Jake Bugg‘s new album ‘On My One‘ to get your hands on ahead of its release on Friday (June 17th).

The Love We’re Hoping For’ is the latest track to be made available on Spotify and iTunes – here, Bugg walks through its origins:

“I was staying in Le Parc Suite, West Hollywood, the hotel where Ozzy famously stayed in his room going mad for three months without leaving. There must have been something in the air as I was in a dark room and wrote a dark song.”

“It’s about a specific someone who doesn’t want to go out and keeps their curtains drawn. But I think we all have days when we feel like that, so it could be about anyone.”

Bugg has self-written his third solo album, and also acted as producer on all but three tracks. Jacknife Lee helmed responsibility on the others.

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