The Stone Roses to premiere new music today

Stone Roses

New music from The Stone Roses is going to arrive at 8pm (BST) today.

A new single is expected at that time, but the band’s third album could also be released too according to some reports, providing what would be a thudding stop to the two-decade wait for a follow-up to 1994’s ‘Second Coming‘.

The five years since the Roses’ unlikeliest of reunions have seemed to drag on longer than the period of inactivity which preceded it as fans prepared for new material by frontman Ian Brown right from their comeback press conference in October 2011 have been left constantly high and dry.

Whispers and nudgings have been plentiful since, of ‘psychedelic pop’ and lemon posters and more stadium gigs this summer, but light finally appeared at the end of the tunnel in March when Brown confirmed the four bandmates were in London working on ‘glorious’ music.

The single and probably more should then be a part of the summer touring which the Stone Roses will undertake and which includes four nights in Manchester, a trip to New York and a headline spot at T In The Park.

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