The Jam’s ‘About The Young Idea’ exhibition moves north to Liverpool

Paul Weller (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever Media)

Paul Weller (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever Media)

The Jam will take their About The Young Idea exhibition up to Liverpool between July 1st-September 25th at the Cunard Building.

Held at Somerset House in London last year, the exhibition was curated by Paul Weller‘s sister Nicky, featuring various bits of memorabilia donated by the three former bandmates, families and friends, as was a part of a series of projects looking back at one of the biggest British bands of the last 40 years.

Amongst those was a live box-set entitled ‘Fire & Skill‘ which charted six crucial concerts in the band’s career.

“The Jam might well have had their necks permanently craned at a 1960s degree angle, but Weller was an intelligent enough songwriter and lyricist not to turn anything he did into an ersatz tribute,” our review reads.

“Back when universities were popular band haunts (Paul McCartney made a career out of it in the early 70s), they played at Reading Uni (CD3) as their first gig of 1979.”

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