Second track released from Eagulls’ new album ‘Ullages’


More from Eagulls‘ new album ‘Ullages’ below in the form of ‘Skipping’.

It’s the second track to preview the Leeds band’s latest album, which will be out on May 13th. Drummer Henry Ruddel has said the record is still very much from singer George Mitchell‘s world view, but with a slight twist this time.

“It’s still all from George’s viewpoint but whereas on the last album it was his own personal outlook, this time we tried to step away from that a bit and look outwards and how he gets on with other people,” he’s said.

“It feels like it’s more to do with relationships, not in a romantic way, but more as in your relationship with the person you might bump into on the street, or the person you work with… Very brief encounters and how odd they can be.”

Eagulls have been playing UK tour dates this past week, and are at the Leicester Oddfellows Club tonight (March 10th). A couple more gigs are booked tomorrow at Salford Islington Mill and at Sheffield’s Broom Hall on March 26th.

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