Savages release La Cigale concert footage

Savages (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever Media)

Savages (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever Media)

Savages have released footage of their La Cigale concert in Paris via the the French culture channel Arté.

Performances of ‘Sad Person‘, ‘She Will‘ and ‘Hit Me‘ were captured by Walter films and directed by Antoine Carlier, the first being taken from this year’s ‘Adore Life‘ LP.

“Savages aren’t, of course, the first outfit unafraid to find affirmational joy in life’s more primeval impulses, but ‘Adore Life’s greatest moment of candour is in the half-title track ‘Adore‘, a bipolar exploration of an existence in which the mundane has been jettisoned and only the white knuckles of pure emotion that are left is vital,” our album review reads.

“The song itself writhes, passing through phase after phase, at one point stopping dead in its tracks before a crescendo that could also pass for the light of consciousness blinking suddenly out.”

“Words like visceral, maverick and intensity are ones used too often in relation to music which doesn’t remotely warrant it; Savages make noise that is for people who want to feel it as well as hear it. To be punched, gouged, embraced and kissed by it. ‘Adore Life’ is their love album.”

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