The Strokes’ Nick Valensi reunited with missing guitar


Nick Valensi‘s missing guitar has shown up, and it looks like it has quite a story to tell.

The Strokes put out an APB at the start of this year after the guitar disappeared while in transit from New York City to Los Angeles.

“In a bit of unfortunate news, we’ve recently learned that Nick’s beloved Epiphone guitar has gone missing while being shipped from NYC to LA,” they said. “A description of the guitar and its case is below and we ask that you join us in keeping an eye out for it. It goes without saying how bummed he is that it’s gone missing.”

Valensi and beloved guitar have now been reunited, though his wife Amanda de Cadanet has said on Instagram that it was rediscovered ‘water damaged, covered in rust and with no strings’.

A picture has been shared on Instagram too (below) – a bit like the Mona Lisa, Valensi’s expression leaves his emotions very much open to personal interpretation.

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