The Cult unveil ‘Hinterland’ video from next album

Tim Cadiente

Tim Cadiente

The Cult have debuted a video for ‘Hinterland‘, the first official single to be taken from their next album ‘Hidden City‘, which is released on February 5th.

“Hidden City is a metaphor for our spiritual lives our intimate interior lives,” explains Ian Astbury. “I find today’s gurus are trying to peddle some cure, product or insight as if it’s a new phenomenon.”

“My place is to respond, not react, to observe, participate and share through words and music. There is no higher authority than the heart.”

We’ve already had ‘Deeply Ordered Chaos‘ after a special promo was put together by Astbury in the wake of the Paris attacks last November.

“I have performed at Le Bataclan on four occasions and was deeply shocked by what occurred on the evening of November 13th,” he adds. “In the video, we chose to depict scenes of wildlife and outer space to create a counterpoint to the wave of violent images we are constantly bombarded with and acknowledge the profoundness of being.”

That video was put up last month and can be seen at this link.

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