Unknown Mortal Orchestra share video for ‘Necessary Evil’


“The video is an abstract love story about two characters whose insecurities and paranoia eventually drive them apart. I tried to show both character’s perspectives using elements from the lyrics. I had a team of amazing animators and friends.”

That’s how director Sean Solomon has described the video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s track ‘Necessary Evil‘, which you can see below.

It’s taken from the band’s 2015 album ‘Multi-Love‘ – of which Live4ever’s review opens:

“Amid the ever-competitive race for innovation within a saturated music scene, ‘Multi-Love’ by Unknown Mortal Orchestra is special. With the help of old synthesizers –which Ruban Nielson rebuilt himself – the new album borrows from many genres and sounds, but is something unique in its entirety.”

“Funk, disco, soul, r’n’b and psychedelia inter-mesh to form a note-by-note aura of transcendental metamorphosis. Even Nielson’s voice has a different edge on each track.”

“Sometimes his deeply melodic, from-within-a-tin-can vocals sound like they’re subdued by thick fog and sometimes sharpened by a stony rasp.”

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