Girl Band schedule more UK tour dates for 2016


Girl Band will head back out on the road with their debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie‘ early next year.

Having just completed their three live gigs for this month, the band have November shows in Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and Dublin coming up, and will then resume in the new year at the John Peel Centre on February 19th. They continue until March 1st, when the tour ends in Bristol.

“Describing something as amorphous, as melodically slender, as Girl Band has its perils,” our album review reads. “They don’t quite fit into grunge, punk, goth or rock. And neither do they seem to appreciate being labelled (the Nirvana comparison irking most).”

“Nor should they have to be given an identity. But we’ll go on trying to and ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ is possibly as new and fresh a noise as there is today.”

2016 tour dates:

John Peel Centre, Stowmarket (19)
Concorde 2, Brighton (20)
The Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (22)
The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge (23)
The Buyers Club, Liverpool (24)
Tunnels, Aberdeen (26)
Summerhall, Edinburgh (27)
Village Underground, London (29)

The Exchange, Bristol (1)

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