Dexters premiere video for ‘Stay Strange’ from new album ‘We Paid For Blood’


The video for Dexters‘ new track ‘Stay Strange’ is online ahead of the release of the band’s second album next month.

“We’ve grown as a band, this album is a huge step forward in both sound lyrics,” frontman Tom has said. “There’s a message, there’s a social conscience, reacting to the shit that’s happening around us.  We love music, being on tour, playing to our fans (and meeting new ones), getting away from the boring side of life; shit jobs, no money, life is hard.”

“This is escapism, it’s fun, it’s rock n roll.”

The album ‘We Paid For Blood’ is out on September 25th through Acid Jazz Records, following the 2014 debut ‘Shimmer Gold‘. The band tour the UK in November, playing shows in Nottingham, Dunfermline, Stockton, Sheffield, Stoke, Liverpool, Preston, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Derby, Southampton, Bristol, Guildford, Maidstone, St. Albans and London.

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