Alberta Cross to release new, self-titled album in October



A self-titled album will be released by Alberta Cross through their new Dine Alone Records home on October 16th.

“This is the first time I’ve done everything myself,” lead singer and guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee says. “It kind of brought it back to where I’d started. I wrote all the songs. It’s a fresh start for me. That’s why it’s self-titled.”

“On this record, we have all these new colors, It felt pretty amazing. I wanted those late night jams to inspire the record. It was very loose, not a lot of structure. I wanted to keep that vibe—the looseness and the soul. Mandolin, violin, French horn, flugelhorn, trumpet—we put those on a lot of tracks.

“That was a new thing for me and very inspiring. This record seems so pure to me.”

‘Alberta Cross’ tracklist:

‘You’ll Be Fine’
‘Ghost of Santa Fe’
‘Western State’
‘Easy Street’
‘Water Mountain’
‘Heavy Words’
‘Beneath My Love’
‘Get Up High’
‘Shadow of Mine’
‘Smoky Lake’
‘It’s You That’s Changing’

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