Ryan Adams to release ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ album


Ryan Adams will document last year’s two-night stand at New York’s historic Carnegie Hall with the release of a 42-track, 6 LP live album next month.

The full version of ‘Live At Carnegie Hall‘ is out on April 21st digitally and in deluxe 180-gram box set. In addition, a much briefer ten-track version will be released on June 9th via CD, digital download and 140-gram vinyl.

This abridged edition features the tracks ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina‘, ‘Nobody Girl‘, ‘New York, New York‘, ‘Sylvia Plath‘, ‘This Is Where We Meet In My Mind‘, ‘My Wrecking Ball‘, ‘Gimme Something Good‘, ‘How Much Light‘, ‘Kim‘ and ‘Come Pick Me Up‘.

‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ tracklist:

‘Gimme Something Good’
‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’
‘Damn, Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)’
‘My Winding Wheel’
‘Nobody Girl’
‘On Broadway’
‘New York, New York’
‘Please Do Not Let Me Go’
‘Rats In The Wall’
‘Why Do They Leave’
‘Sylvia Plath’
‘Crossed-Out Name’
‘This Is Where We Meet In My Mind’
‘If I Am a Stranger’
‘English Girls Approximately’
‘Come Pick Me Up’
‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’
‘My Winding Wheel’
‘Dirty Rain’
‘My Wrecking Ball’
‘New York New York’
‘Am I Safe’
‘Ashes and Fire’
‘Gimme Something Good’
‘Why Do They Leave’
‘Off Broadway’
‘The Hardest Part’
‘The Rescue Blues’
‘Lucky Now’
‘Dear Chicago’
‘How Much Light’
‘Call Me On Your Way Back Home’
‘Black Sheets Of Rain’
‘Come Pick Me Up’

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