Bloc Party ‘start work on new album’

Bloc Party (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever)

Bloc Party (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever)

Bloc Party have emerged from their break and are recording a new album, frontman Kele Okereke has told Triple J.

“I guess it’s the first time that I have talked about it but we are making a record at the moment,” he said. “It’s sounding like nothing that we’ve done before but that’s what everyone always says.”

“We’re at the writing/recording phase. We’ve started recording – I think we have about eighteen ideas and we’re going to lay them down properly in the next few months.”

Bloc Party hit the stand-by button after following up their 2012 album ‘Four‘ with the ‘Nextwave Sessions‘ EP a year later. “Definitely after we finish the festivals in the summer we’ll be taking some time off,” guitarist Russell Lissack told Postmedia News at the time.

“At least six months, maybe a year, maybe two years, it’s hard to say. Once we start taking time off people start doing their own thing. So once people start doing things, then you’ll start naturally extending how long we spend apart.”

Since then Okereke has revisited his solo career and released ‘Trick‘ in October 2014.

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