Peace post ‘Imaginary’ video after ‘Happy People’s release this week


Peace are heading for a high new entry on the UK Album Chart with ‘Happy People‘ this coming Sunday, yet it feels like the record has already been around for some time after a string of single releases during the past year.

And at the last minute, ‘Imaginary‘ can now be added to those tracks which have done a thoroughly good job of previewing the band’s follow-up to 2013’s ‘In Love‘. The video, directed by A Very Successful Business for Hunger TV, is below.

Right from the off, those singles made it obvious that ‘Happy People’ would prove to be a departure from the hazy, early 90s virtues of ‘In Love’, of which our review concluded:

“Like many debuts, ‘In Love’ is as much an amalgamation of Peace’s record collection as it is an original, forward-thinking statement, and in less assured hands it could well have been a disaster. But it’s not. Why? Quite simply, because pound for pound these are ten of the best songs you will hear this year, baggy or otherwise.”

“If you’ve already dismissed Peace as just another ‘hype’ band, think again – this is an album you’ll play again and again.”

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