New Haim album is ‘shaping up’

Haim (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever)

Haim (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever)

Haim have offered an update on their second album, which is ‘shaping up’ nicely.

“We try to write every day, it’s shaping up,” Danielle Haim told Billboard at the weekend’s Grammy Awards. “We gotta flex that songwriting muscle as much as possible, we’re keeping it creative,” Este added. “This might inspire a song, who knows?”

It’s not surprising to hear that the sisters are taking their time with new material – they did the same with debut album ‘Days Are Gone‘, which was eventually released in the September of 2013.

It was enough to land them a nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammys, though they did lose out on the night to Sam Smith.

“We’ve been a band for seven years, just the fact that we’re nominated and we’re here and we’re invited is so exciting,” Alana Haim said. “I don’t care which category we’re in, I’m just excited we’re here.”

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