Smith Westerns’ ‘indefinite hiatus’ quickly becomes full split


An ‘indefinite hiatus’ has quickly turned into a full blown split for the Smith Westerns.

The band, which emerged out of Chicago with a self-titled debut album in 2009 and released what has ultimately become their last studio effort, ‘Soft Will‘, last year, were put on a hiatus officially by Cullen Omori just a few days ago. But now, during an interview with The Chicago Reader, their conscious uncoupling has become a permanent split.

“The band just didn’t work,” Omori said. “Both creatively and personally. The terminology I used, ‘indefinite hiatus’, I thought was a clever way of saying ‘it’s not going to happen in the future’. But yeah, there’s no plans to reignite Smith Westerns.”

“It’s broken up. Me and Cameron, when Max left the band, we decided we weren’t going to dissolve it until we played these last shows because it sprang up on all of us.”

The ‘last shows’ he refers to will culminate at the Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Tuesday (December 23rd).

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