Bombay Bicycle Club joined by Dave Gilmour at ‘last ever’ Earls Court gig


Bombay Bicycle Club were joined by a very special guest as they played what is expected to be the last gig at London’s Earls Court venue on Saturday (December 13th).

Pink Floyd‘s legendary guitarist Dave Gilmour, a man who has spent more time than most on the Earls Court stage, joined the band for a performance of ‘Rinse Me Down‘ and his stone cold classic ‘Wish You Were Here‘. “This man gave me my first guitar and was one of the first people to play this venue and by my count has played here more than 27 times,” Jamie MacColl said when introducing Gilmour.

After years of rock concerts, Earls Court has earmarked for demolition as part of a community redevelopment despite strong opposition.

Setlist (NME):

‘Come To’
‘It’s Alright Now’
‘Lights Out, Words Gone’
‘Your Eyes’
‘Home By Now’
‘Whenever, Wherever’
‘Rinse Me Down’
‘Wish You Were Here’
‘Ivy & Gold’
‘The Giantess’
‘Emergency Contraception Blues’
‘Dust On The Ground’
‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’
‘Always Like This’
‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’
‘What If’
‘Carry Me’

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