The Strokes could work on new material ‘if the vibe is right’


More new material from The Strokes might not be out of the question if you’re prepared to put a positive slant on the latest comments from frontman Julian Casablancas.

The band will see action in 2015 at the Primavera Sound festival in Spain, and while he hardly seems to be itching to get back in the studio next year too, Casablancas has told NME that if ‘the vibe is right’, something could happen.

“We’ve hung out even non-musically, and I think we’ve turned a page,” he revealed. “I think we have some magic left. But creatively, there’s magic in many different places for me right now.”

“I think you have good work chemistry if you are just honest with each other and you just wanna do something good, and you just wanna put in all your magic, and create something cool with other people’s magic, with friends,” he continued. “I think ‘the vibe’ in the recent past was lost, but I think we learned how to work together better. More professionally. But now I think we’re looking to combine those things.”

Recently, The Strokes have spent enough time in the studio together to release the albums ‘Angles‘ and ‘Comedown Machine‘ in 2011 and 2013, but they weren’t the happiest of bunnies during that time all told and haven’t embarked on any significant touring since.

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