Live4ever Presents: Trampolene



Jack Jones – Guitar and lead vocals.
Wayne Thomas – Bass and vocals.
Kyle Williams – Drums, vocals and piano (and violin after a few drinks).




Wayne and I (Jack) met playing schoolboys’ football together. He was a punk who was brilliant at football, which blew my mind. I was even more blown away when I saw how hairy his legs were. I stayed over his on weekends for toast eating contests and an education in Rock’N’Roll. We met Kyle (Mr.Willams!) – he was a classically trained pianist who smashed the drums like a animalistic beast. What a combo. My mind was blown again. It’s always been us three.


Wayne has been into his punk ever since I met him. Kyle loves classical and dance music. I’ve never been shy of my love for Oasis and The Libertines. Elliot Smith and John Frusciante I love too. We all love the idea of all the things Rock’N’Roll can be. There are so many and they all drop themselves it one massive pot called Trampolene.


Kyle’s main job in school was finishing my homework, which he always did brilliantly. So brilliantly in fact no one believed, rightly so, that I had done it. Wayne paints and pulls pints in the Red Lion and Sun. I used to work cleaning a psychiatric hospital, before I was diagnosed with Crohns.


Live there’s heavy bass, intricate guitars, massive drums, poems, melodies. Three true friends, who just love to play music together and hope you enjoy it too.


More time in the studio. Every bit of time we’ve had so far has been frantic. More gigs. And of course, to keep smashing everything out of the park.

Did you know?

Wayne played football for Wales Under 16s with a broken back. Humans actually landed on the moon before they put wheels on suitcases. Always liked that fact. We sleep in a van.

What’s next?

Putting the finishing touches on pocket album 2. Out early next year – it’s turning into a world of its own. Also, Queen of Hoxton November 12th and our first headline show in Paris on 27th November.


Currently, Trampolene’s biggest strength is that something you pray they keep hold of for as long as possible; that lack of pretension, that sense of joy, of wonderment, at being in a band on the brink of their dreams. ‘I Don’t Know’ especially careers around in all directions and thumps you in the gut like kids playing Bulldog at dinner time, full of innocent abandon and to hell with the consequences. It’s still just about the best single we’ve heard all year.

More recent cut ‘Newcastle Brown Love Song’ does betray a touch of fragility behind the bluster though, Jones’ vocals cracking through gentle piano accompaniment, mournfully pouring affection on the mundane. It gives a sense that they might, after all, have a discreet eye on Bulldog resulting in a bruised ankle or a grazed knee, that life at times might be far from perfect, that there’s far more to this band than you at first imagine.


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