Alt-J post second official video for ‘Left Hand Free’

altjwideJust in case you didn’t enjoy the rural exploits contained in the official video for ‘Left Hand Free‘, Alt-J have been good enough to post a second clip for the ‘This Is All Yours‘ album track, this time following – with a condescending eye – the exploits of a far more privileged set of individuals.

Have a watch in full on Live4ever right here.

Alt-J’s fantastic single ‘Every Other Freckle‘ already has two videos of its own as Alt-J succeeded their Mercury Prize winning debut ‘An Awesome Wave‘ in September.

“It should be noted this is not all thoughtful soundscapes, or wistful moments, there are some truly stunning tracks,” our review concludes. “Obviously there are moments of dark menace that hit hard, but at other points the record is playful and witty, done with the lightest of touches, and this brilliant flexing encapsulates just how wonderful the album as a whole is.”

“This is everything a second album should be, because it’s all the things the first told us it could be.”

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