Thom Yorke’s BitTorrent album now past the one million downloads mark


Thom Yorke‘s new experimental solo album  ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes‘ has now been downloaded more than one million times since it was released to BitTorrent last week.

BitTorrent users have exclusive access to a free bundle of the album, while the full version is available for a price of £3.68. Around 116,000 people took advantage of the offer within its first 24 hours, and a spokesperson has confirmed the total has now broken the 1.1 million barrier.

BitTorrent chief Matt Mason said the collaboration between his company and Thom Yorke was aimed at counter-attacking a quiet year for music innovation, whose best move was ‘the button Apple released to remove the U2 album’.

“The biggest innovation in music this year so far has been Apple releasing a tool to remove a U2 album from your iTunes,” he remarked. “It’s been a bad year for music innovation. The way major labels just throw all their music on Spotify, they’ve given up on selling people music. We hope to prove with this and our work with other artists – we’ve worked with Madonna, Linkin Park as well as lots of rising names – that there’s another way.”

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