Super Furry Animals’ Huw Bunford returns with The Pale Blue Dots


Super Furry Animals‘ guitarist Huw Bunford is back with a new venture entitled The Pale Blue Dots, consisting of himself and composer Richard Chester.

“This is our Jekyll and Hyde moment,” Bunford explains. “We love pop music, but we also like to lie down, listen to something, and not have to get up to press ‘next track’ for at least half an hour.”

“The album definitely has a number of songs that could find themselves on the radio, but over the coming months we’re looking to take people on a journey into sound.”

A first album entitled ‘Lots Of Dots‘ has been lined up for release through Strangetown Records on November 3rd.

Super Furry Animals have been on a break since the release of ‘Dark Days/Light Years‘ in 2009 – frontman Gruff Rhys has been busy this year with the multi-dimensional biographical project ‘American Interior‘.

‘Lots Of Dots’ tracklist:

‘Tokyo Hotel Silence’
‘Slow Reaction’
‘Reach for the Keys’
‘Silent Tokyo Hotel’
‘No Motivation’
‘Look into my Eyes’

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