Slaves recount awkward meeting with Bono on Later…With Jools Holland

Slaves @ SXSW 2014 (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

Slaves @ SXSW 2014 (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

Slaves have recounted an awkward moment they shared with U2 frontman Bono after recording Later…With Jools Holland yesterday (October 21st).

The two bands were on the show along with Zola Jesus and Interpol, with Slaves airing a deliciously off-kilter rendition of their latest track ‘Hey‘, which for those of you in the UK can be seen on Live4ever here.

Afterwards, it seems Bono wanted to offer his own words of encouragement to the duo, and it all went downhill from there…

“Bono came up to me after our performance yesterday, he shook my hand and said, ‘You were great in there man’,” a Facebook post reads. “And without thinking I just responded saying, ‘Cheers mate U2’. Realising what I’d just done I began to laugh. Bono didn’t laugh. Bono walked away. Might as well just give up now.”

An extended version of Later… goes out on Friday evening on BBC2.

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