Live4ever Presents: Steve Thompson & The Incidents



Phil Bernia – drums & backing vocals
Phil Oakes – bass
Steve Thompson – guitars & vocals


We’re all from Merseyside, even though we don’t have your typical Liverpool sound.


We’ve played in different bands on occasion, but just by chance fell into a trio and everything clicked straight away. We all seemed to know what the songs did and didn’t need.


The Who for their passion, Pink Floyd for their musicianship, The Doors for the lyricism, The Beatles for their harmonies ,The Rolling Stones for their longevity and Oasis for their songs.


Music, music, music. We’ve sold our souls at the crossroads of music and it’s all we know how to do.


We don’t like the whole labelling and pigeon-holing of sounds, but if anything I would say we’re forward thinking retro, driving guitars, catchy songs and lyrics with a conscience.


To play as many festivals as possible next year on top of the album release and, even though mainstream isn’t everything, we’d love to crack the charts and kickstart another Britpop type scenario.

Did you know?

Most strange and surreal moment so far was Bez from the Happy Mondays jumping up on stage with us and throwing some shapes while we were playing Sound Of The People at The Lomax on Liverpool.


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