Jamie T: ‘Most music around today is dire’

jamietwide1His long break from music, which was brought to an end with the release of ‘Carry On The Grudge‘, left Jamie T non-plussed as ‘most of the shit around today is dire’.

Allow us to explain: Speaking to Faster Louder, the London songwriter described how the five-year gap between albums helped him to ‘change’ and ‘grow’ as an artist, but quickly added that he isn’t too concerned with those virtues as he doesn’t rate many of his contemporaries too highly anyway.

“As for being relevant in the modern age, well you grow up as an artist so your music is always going to change and you hope it’s relevant, but I don’t want to worry too much about that because most of the shit around today is dire,” he said.

‘Carry On The Grudge’ arrived last month and has so far peaked at #4 on the UK Album Chart.

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