Win Butler: ‘Arcade Fire are in their prime’


Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler believes his band’s 2013 double LP ‘Reflektor‘ and the resultant world tour has proved they are ‘in their prime’ four studio albums in.

Butler was speaking enthusiastically to Canadian radio, and said the band’s good form means no-one is thinking of packing it all in just yet.

“This last tour we did is the best, it’s the best shows we’ve ever played, so I feel like we’re kind of right in our prime right now – so I’m not really thinking about retirement yet ’cause we’re kind of like firing on all cylinders at this point,” he enthused.

‘Reflektor’ was the follow-up to 2011’s ‘The Suburbs‘, which added genuine commercial success to the critical acclaim the band had been enjoying ever since the release of their modern classic debut ‘Funeral‘ in 2005. ‘Reflektor’ was equally successful, and went number one in both the UK and US a year ago.

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