The Wands unveil video for ‘Sound Of The Machine’

wandswideSound Of The Machine‘ – the new track from Danish psych duo The Wands – has been given an official video which can be seen in full on Live4ever here.

The track is on The Wands’ debut album ‘The Dawn‘, which is due for release in November. Its title-track has been out for some time and was enough for Live4ever to delve deeper into the band back in April with a Presents… feature.

“The group’s native tongue isn’t English, despite how convincingly their vocals glide and weave loosely in the parameters of psychedelia, and despite considering the visual counterpart; an almost kaleidoscopic, hypnotic journey through what could be the London Underground, starting above ground then jumping below,” our feature commented.

“Wistfully infused with distorted images of the duo intermittently appear, demonstrating them as the nucleus of their musical (and visual) prowess, and the chief drivers of any journey you take with them. These components infer the group’s intention to make their audience trip as hard as possible, both aurally and visually.”

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