She & Him preview new album, ‘coming this fall’


She & Him‘s fourth album is being previewed over on YouTube with a short video in which Zooey Deschanel sings, “When my friends told me you had somebody new, I didn’t believe a single word was true.”

Deschanel and bandmate M. Ward‘s latest record is apparently ‘coming this fall’, in the wake of the ‘Capitol Studios Sessions‘ EP which was released last December and the previous LP ‘Volume 3‘ of May 2013.

Live4ever dipped into the She & Him catalogue during the Christmas of 2011 when the album ‘A Very She & Him Christmas‘ was released. “‘The Christmas Song‘ is what She & Him have been doing best for half an hour or so; a serene, unhurried song to wish a reluctant goodbye,” our review reads.

“Deschanel whispers a seductive “Merry Christmas” in our ear, a hand slides off the guitar strings, and that’s the last of her silky purr we’ll hear this year.”

“You’re left smiling, though, if only because we know that this is as gentle, sweet and beautiful an album as anyone could hope to cheer them on a cold, blustery winter’s evening. So there it is. She & Him have pretty much got Christmas down pat. May that be truly said of us, and all of us.”

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