Royal Blood stream debut album on iTunes

royalbloodwideThe early signs are good for Royal Blood‘s debut album.

First impressions are that Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher have delivered big time on the early promise and fevered industry hype which has ballooned during the past year from the pair’s humble, but incredibly potent melting pot of pedal-laden bass guitar and drums.

And they’ve now opened the record up for wider judgement by previewing it in full over on iTunes at this link before it is officially released on August 25th.

“Rock debuts are a tough proposition at the best of times, but with absolutely everyone watching, this is as tough as they come,” Live4ever’s review considers.

“Royal Blood’s particularly viscous amalgam of influences has brought them a true plethora of supporters. Throwing absolutely everything they love at a wall and watching the shattered pieces scatter, they have ultimately managed to create something brilliant. They have Black Sabbath’s ‘Supernaut‘ style rhythms and Rage Against The Machine‘s funk and stoccato ferocity, all flavoured with a little Black Keys duo-style bluesiness and strained Gaz Coombes-esque vocals from Mike Kerr.”

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