Pulled Apart By Horses: New album ‘the record we’re all the most in love with’


Pulled Apart By Horses drummer Lee Vincent has told DIY a shift to a slightly more melodic, slightly less harsh sound on ‘Blood‘ has resulted in his favourite album yet from the band.

“It’s an old cliche, but you’ve got to interest yourself first in the music you’re playing,” he said.

“It wouldn’t have made us happy at all to go and make another ‘Tough Love’. It’s that thing where we’ve been playing at one hundred miles an hour for the first few years of our life. We definitely wanted to play around with some more brooding, mid-tempo stuff.”

Pulled Apart By Horses release their third album on September 8th and have already shown off its softer side with a venture into the acoustic world and a bluesy performance of ‘V.E.N.O.M‘ for the Village Sessions – check it out on Live4ever right here.

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