Jonathan Ross introduces Arcade Fire’s ‘You Already Know’ video

arcadefirewide1The presenting talents of Jonathan Ross remain present and correct on Arcade Fire‘s video for ‘You Already Know‘ which can be seen on Live4ever at this link.

A recording of Ross is a feature of the band’s 2013 double album ‘Reflektor‘ and remains in tact for the video which goes on to show off visuals of various pink-eyed portraits.

“Fortunately though, this record is far from stepping into ‘concept album’ territory, preferring to stay in a space of probable implication, and offering the potential for daydreaming rather than anything close to a full throttle conventional narrative,” Live4ever’s ‘Reflektor’ review concludes.

“It may be a little early to predict what will happen next, though it is likely that, across the land, many musical anoraks are already stroking their chins and pondering that question. Really though, this album should be enjoyed in the moment – something which, at this time, it has a particular grasp of.”

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