Franz Ferdinand premiere ‘Stand On The Horizon’ video


Franz Ferdinand have returned to their 2013 album ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action‘ with an official video for ‘Stand On The Horizon‘ which you can watch on Live4ever at this link.

The promo has been directed by Karan Kandhari, who remarks: “An awkward look at innocence and experience. An attempt to capture a sparkle in the melancholy and a warmth in the strangeness. I hope people find it both sad and funny, hopeful and human. We either achieved all of this, or totally failed and ended up with an alternative universe version of Franz Ferdinand.”

‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ was released around a year ago and hit #6 on the UK charts. “Franz Ferdinand are back,” Live4ever’s review begins. “It’s about time too, after all this a band for whom fandom is a manifesto, one where ideals as opposed to genre jumping with a sideline in celebrity status cultivation are still more important than filthy lucre.”

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