Christopher Owens premieres another new track from second solo album


We’ve just got a bit more familiar with former Girls frontman Christoper Owens‘ new solo album ‘A New Testament‘ thanks to the premiere of ‘Never Want To See That Look Again‘.

The track is streaming on Soundcloud ahead of Owens’ second solo release on September 29th. “It’s a testament to honest, earnest, simple songwriting – ‘three chords and the truth’ – songs inspired by the fundamentals of American music,” he has previously said of the record.

“Gospel, country, R&B, picking the songs for this record was exciting enough for me, because they’re some of the ones that speak to me the most, of my memories, real life experiences, my battles, my victories. But hearing the record actually take form and come to life was even more exciting than I imagined. The new ground we worked towards – playing with Ed Efira on pedal steel for the first time – all of it was an amazing experience.”

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