Avi Buffalo to finally release new album later this year


Avi Buffalo will finally follow-up their brilliant 2010 self-titled debut with ‘At Best Cuckold‘ – described by frontman Avi Zahner-Isenberg as his ‘tribute to the ballad’ – on September 8th.

The LP has been produced by Zahner-Isenberg, assisted by bandmate Sheridan Riley, and is being trailed with ‘So What‘ (below). “I really like some of the ballad aspects of this record — it’s kind of my tribute to the ballad,” Zahner-Isenberg remarks.

“I predicted in an interview during the time of my first record what I was going to use in my next record, and I said a lot of major seventh chords, which, to me, sounded like laying down. And that ended up in the record, too.”

‘At Best Cuckold’ tracklist:

‘So What’
‘Memories of You’
‘Can’t Be Too Responsible’
‘Two Cherished Understandings’
‘Overwhelmed With Pride’
‘Found Blind’
‘She is Seventeen’
‘Think It’s Gonna Happen Again’
‘Oxygen Tank’
‘Won’t Be Around No More’

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