Video: The Black Keys share their ‘Fever’

The Black Keys have unveiled the official video for the track which is leading their new album ‘Turn Blue‘. Check out ‘Fever‘ on Live4ever by clicking on the snapshot below.

On the shelves from May 12th, ‘Turn Blue’ is Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney‘s eighth studio effort and likely to continue the forage into commercial fame which the duo has enjoyed since ‘Brothers‘ arrived in 2010.

Speaking to Mojo recently, drummer Carney outlined his belief that that new-found success means some people are now sitting back and patiently waiting for the band to ‘fuck it all up’.

“I don’t view is as underdogs any more,” he declared. “In fact, I view us as more of a target now. I think there’s probably people that just want us to fuck it all up. It’s inevitable that you fuck it up somehow. It makes more sense to the universe if we fuck up, d’you know what I mean?”


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