Video: James debut video for ‘Moving On’

James have premiered the video for ‘Moving On‘ which has been directed by the BAFTA nominated animator and director Ainslie Henderson. Watch it in full on Live4ever by clicking on the snapshot below.

“I’ve know Ainslie for years after channel hopping took me to an episode of Fame Academy,” James’ frontman Tim Booth reveals. “I watched in shock as he worked with Mark and Saul in the “Fame Academy” mansion. I hate those shows but this boy had something. Luckily for him, what he had was untameable, he wilfully didn’t fit the mould, was too original and spontaneous; he didn’t win.”

“My connection with James is a long and evolving one,” Henderson adds. “The first time I heard their music was sitting at a friend’s house, aged 18, stoned and confused. ‘Sometimes’ was playing, I remember feeling something that until then I didn’t know pop music could make you feel. I thought crying was only for when you feel loss or sadness. Pop music, but woven with something sincere and yearning, passionate and beautiful.”

“It was 1997, Britpop was happening and I’d just started my first band, I was falling in love with music and trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted my life to be. I was emboldened by the Gallagher swagger, excited and inspired by Blur and Pulp, but James’s music spoke to me like no other band of that era.”

‘Moving On’ is another glimpse of the band’s new album ‘La Petite Mort‘, which is all set for release on June 2nd.




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