Headliners Kasabian remember first Glastonbury gig

Tom Meighan, Kasabian (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever Media)

Tom Meighan, Kasabian (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever Media)

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno has been hazily recollecting the band’s first, intoxicating appearance at Glastonbury as they prepare to return as headliners next month.

“We first played Glastonbury in 2004 when we were first on the Other Stage on the Friday,” Pizzorno remembers during an interview with The Guardian.

“We did a gig at Hammersmith Apollo the night before, playing before Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and we had a minibus waiting to take us down. We all jumped in and everyone was going: ‘We can’t do any gear, can we?’, and everyone was saying, ‘No, we’ll save it, we’ll save it,’ and then suddenly, an hour in it’s like, ‘Oh, go on then’, bang, suitcase open, and everyone is filling their boots and before you know it you’re watching Trisha at 10.30am, going: ‘Fucking hell, I’m going to Glastonbury in a minute’.”

Kasabian are topping the Pyramid Stage this year along with Arcade Fire and Metallica, whose confirmation last week finally ended months of speculation.

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