Fleetwood Mac have ‘eight songs finished for a new album’

fleetwoodmacsqDuring an interview with Billboard, Fleetwood Mac have confirmed eight songs are completed with a new album in mind and featuring Christine McVie – but Stevie Nicks is not yet involved studio-wise due to ‘some other commitments’.

“The chemistry was just unbelievable,” Lindsey Buckingham has said of the sessions at Los Angeles’ Village Recorder studio. “We’re all very excited about it. Knowing me, I’m going to be pushing for a double album.”

“Fleetwood Mac always take a long time to make a record,” McVie added. “Obviously there are parts for Stevie to sing on all of these songs, which she will do eventually.”

Fleetwood Mac’s recent live reunion had made them one of the strongest tips to headline Glastonbury next month, but they have more recently slipped from bookies’ thoughts as Arcade Fire and Kasabian have been rubber-stamped for the June event, while Metallica are now seen as near-certainties to take up the final bill-topping slot on the Saturday.

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